4 Myths About Driving You Thought Were True



Even the biggest petrolhead in the world probably doesn’t know everything there is to know about cars and driving. Mainly, because there are so many misconceptions floating around the internet. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing, except that believing some of these myths would probably get you in trouble along the road. You might be amazed when you find out that these beliefs you may have are just not true.

You Can Beat A Speed Camera

We think this one came from Hollywood. There is a common misconception that if you travel at a high enough speed by a speed camera, the image will be a blur. It will be impossible to catch you. This is not true, and the new state of the art technology these cameras use will catch the number plate, no matter how fast the car is going. Another way this misconception may have come about is because a number of speed cameras are not real. They are empty boxes to save on cost and act as a deterrent. But there is no way of telling which ones are real and which are empty.


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My Insurance Company? They Don’t Need To Know!

There are huge fallacies about insurance and driving. But we think the biggest one is that if you damage your car and do not intend to make a claim you do not have to tell your insurance company. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and if drivers are found guilty of this, they can be charged with fraud. Insurance companies need to know when and where your car was damaged every time to keep an accurate history of the vehicle. This is important for when and if you decide to sell the car on. Here is another fact you can take from the fiction. Many people believe if you make an insurance claim, you will lose your no claims, no matter what. This is not true, as long as you have more than two years no claims most insurance companies are quite lenient on this matter.

Driving Slowly Isn’t A Crime You Know

Actually, it very well may be so you may want to tell any members of your family if they think it’s okay to drive at twenty on a main road. If a policeman sees a car that they believe could be causing danger on the road they are within their right to pull them over. One obvious place where driving slowly is a danger would be a motorway. Typically speaking, unless you are a slow moving vehicle, you should not be driving slower than fifty on a motorway when it is clear of congestion.

They Have A Quota To Fill

Ah, that age-old excuse for failing your driving test. This probably just started because someone did not want to admit they failed their test because they were bad at driving or unprepared. We are sure you have heard the rumour driving examiners have a quota to fill and, therefore, have to fail a certain number of people. Afraid not, if you are an excellent driver an examiner will pass you even if everyone they examined that day before you passed as well.

We hope this article has squashed some misbeliefs. Keep having fun on the roads but remember to stay safe!


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